Devotion Woman - Miniature Spray Perfume

A fragrance that’s so utterly feminine, it will leave every being that comes across her, utterly mesmerized, utterly devoted. 

The top notes are a vivacious mix of grapefruit, peach and pepper. The middle notes of rose, violet and jasmine are the bed of flowers atop which she rests, every moment of every day, calmly and confidently. The base notes of cedarwood, musk and amber represent the earth oft which she was born.

The fragrance is held in a glass vial perfume tinted with the pink of her aura. The vial is then held in a box of perfectly matching pink.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Grapefruit, Peach, Pepper, Freesia

MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Muguet

BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, Musk, Amber

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Floral - Fruity – Musky

Packaging details for bulk order

Qty/Carton: 16 Doz

Carton Dimension: 530 x 340 x 460 mm

Carton Weight: 18.7 kg

Miniature Collection

Volume: 15ML