CA Woman New Edition

She enjoys the finer things in life, from the plushest velvets to the bubbliest champagne and laughter. The CA Woman’s fragrance has been created with bright and cheerful top notes of cantaloupe, citrus notes, cut herbs and golden apple. The middle notes of peony, lily of the valley, rose petals and aquatic jasmine welcome you like a flowerbed on a spring day. The base notes of sandal, iris and white musk linger on your skin with their sensual scents.


The fragrance is held in a glass bottle akin to a bottle of fine champagne, topped off with luxurious purple and slipped into a sleek purple pouch.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Cantaloupe, Passion Fruit, Citrus Note, Cut Herbs, Basket of Fruits: White Peach, Pineapple, Plum, Golden Apple

MIDDLE NOTES: Shinus Molle, Peony, Lily of the Valley, Rose Petals, Aquatic Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Sandal, Iris, Amber notes, Subtle Wood, Sensual White Musks

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Fruity-Floral-Musk

Packaging details for bulk order

Quantity per Carton: 4 Doz

Weight of carton: 14.10 kg

Carton Dimension: 480 x 380 x 208 mm

Golden Collection

Volume: 100ML