CA DREAMZ WOMAN - Miniature Spray Perfume

An enchanting fragrance that speaks in the tongue of daydreams and the dreams that come in the cover of darkness, bearing precious light - this fragrance is for the woman who dares to dream.


The top notes of neroli, orange and raspberry hurdle your thoughts in the wildest of directions, the middle notes of jasmine and orange flower send you exploring the world of dreams with unbridled passion. The base notes of patchouli and honey stay with you as most good omens do, filling your being with wonder and light.


The fragrance is held in a clear glass vial, engraved with the texture of your dreams.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Neroli, Orange, Raspberry 
MIDDLE NOTES: Orange flower, Jasmine 
BASE NOTES: Honey, Patchouli

Packaging details for bulk order

Qty/Carton: 16 Doz

Carton Dimension: 488 x 333 x 390 mm

Carton Weight: 18.25 kg

Miniature Collection

Volume: 15ML