Active Woman Noire - Miniature Spray Perfume

This fragrance is for the woman who is as passionate about the night as she is about the day. She yearns for the cover of darkness only to live out her darkest fantasies.


The top notes of cinnamon, pineapple and fruit cocktail are the fragrance of vitality. The middle notes of jasmine and sandalwood are the embodiment of beauty. The base notes of patchouli, dry amber and musk are the scent of raw passion.


This fragrance is held bottled in an orb-like glass vial, tinted black and stoppered with gold.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Cinnamon, Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail, Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit, Herbs

MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, Flowers, Sandalwood, Exotic Fruits, Rose 

BASE NOTES: Coconut, Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Tonka Beans, Vanilla

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Floral - Woody - Oriental

Packaging details for bulk order

Qty/Carton: 16 Doz

Carton Dimension: 488 x 333 x 390 mm

Carton Weight: 18.25 kg

Miniature Collection

Volume: 15ML