His spirit is exuberant, he cannot be contained, and he only plays by the rules of the night. Mystery and sophistication are his wingmen in the chase for life’s most intimate thrills.

The fragrance is a medley of lime and lavender; sweet yet spicy like cardamom by a fire, on a crisp winter’s night.

The fragrance is held in a sleek bottle that fits into a buckled pouch.

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES:Lavender, Bergamot, Fresh Notes, Cardamom, Pepper,   Lime
MIDDLE NOTES: Cedarwood, Violet Leaves,  Agarwood, Sandalwood, Rose, Patchouli
BASE NOTES: Musk, Amber, Gaiacwood, Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Moss
OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Woody - Aromatic

Packaging details for bulk order

Qty/Carton: 4 Doz

Carton Dimension: 320x320x325 mm

Carton Weight: 19.5 kg

Platinum Collection

Volume: 100ML